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Rebecca Nietert is a real and honest down to earth author who has written a series of Chick-Lit novels to illustrate what can happen when a young girl refuses to have the courage to value herself.  In these stories she outlines real life situations all young girls face.  As the character grows throughout the novel series, Rebecca then explains how a lifetime of negative dialog with one's self can impede their success.  Through similar growth of her own, she has a wicked story that is uniquely her own. 

Rebecca accepts inspirational speaking engagements where she hopes to empower woman to create their authenticity through personal growth, accountability and the ability to feel the love they need to share.  

She's currently building a platform with other national speakers in order to organize world wide empowerment events. The goal is to inspire unity, support, and to create a judgement free zone where women can feel valued and accepted.  

To learn more about this or to obtain a media kit for speaking purposes please visit her contact page on this site.  Thank you. 

Heart of Gold is a fast-paced, page-turning, shocking tell-all of a young girl named Beverly White, as the sheltered upbringing of her youth changes to disillusioned adulthood. Set in Houston, Texas, Beverly experiences independence and exploration in the dazzling new world of the Haves and Have Nots. READ MORE PLEASE CLICK ON STORE.

Chasing Fairytales Every young girl secretly dreams of fairytales where her prince comes to save her from the woes the world has stacked against her. What they forget is that every princess must survive a terrible childhood, an awful curse, and a wicked queen before the prince arrives. READ MORE CLICK ON STORE.

Provocative Confessions Deep in Denver Suburbia where helicopter parents run amuck, Beverly who was once a life-sized Barbie doll gave up her stilettos for comfy mountain boots.  PRE-ORDER NOW!