I write amazing fictionalized stories about women who are on a magnificent journey to empowerment. All of my novels are designed to inspire women everywhere. 


Born in Montana and raised in the midwest, I pretty much settled into being a yankee in my small town outside South Chicago. That was until my nineteenth birthday. I moved to Houston, Texas, which at that time was an oil driven city with some pretty high rollers.   I ended up being sucked into a world void of love or empathy and being dragged into a state of despair by someone I fully trusted.

This allowed me to gain the necessary courage I required to navigate my life the way that I always imagined it could go.  Every challenge I faced, often at the hands of master manipulators, turned me into a woman of formidability. I have used that toughness to achieve love of family, intimate relationships, giving support of friends, and ultimately financial success. 

I fell hook line and sinker for the illusion that a man could take care of all my needs. Once that fantasy broke, I had to learn how to achieve it on my own. I had to endure not only the pain that was thrust upon me; but identify how culpable I was in the process.  It was a six-year pain staking journey for me to ultimate forgiveness, but what it left me with is the ability to love unconditionally.  

That's where my life has been for the last two decades. I spend my time helping women who are abused, battered, worn, tired of fighting, and many who fight depression begin to have a positive energy about their lives.  It's something I enjoy. I was never much of a cheerleader when I was young, but age has fought me that as a woman who has walked in the mile of many; I have a lot of empathy to offer.  I have a lot of wisdom to share and I look forward to intellectual conversations with women of all backgrounds.  I believe that women create the love, and as such, women need to unite together.  

I hope that you enjoy reading my stories that are loosely based on some of my own challenges.  My main character, Beverly, is a woman you will want to consider your friend.  Please don't hesitate to contact me via social media or here to get a copy of my new novel, "Heart of Gold" released 2015.  Thank you for spending time with me, as I know you're time is valuable.

Take Care,