Ms. Nietert writes very raw and very real stories about one woman's struggle to overcome great adversity to make her life her own. She navigates through one unbelievable choice to another solidifying the fact that she and she alone creates her own destiny. Readers laugh with a series of real human emotions as they walk through the journey of life to happiness.  

About Reba

Novelist Rebecca Ann “Reba” Nietert began her career writing human interest articles. Her inspiration was drawn from the her grandfather whom she believed a hero with great life achievements.

Born in 1963 in the town of Great Falls, Montana, Reba’s own life’s story reflects that of a hero’s courage. From early on in her childhood, long into her adult life, she faced many traumatic life experiences. Soon after birth she moved transiently throughout much of the United States, the whole of which she has called her home.

Reba's contributions as a mentor stems from her own historically difficult life. Hoping to inspire many young girls and women into believing in themselves, she has mirrored her own gritty life story in fiction for these unprecedented novels.

Surviving completely on her own at a very early age; not only has she earned the right as a empathetic mentor, but also as a self made woman many times over in her journey to find her purpose in life.

Reba is successful in the various venues of which she works in the business world. From blue color worker jobs to real estate she gives more than 100%. Her pro active approach either in the workforce or her passion for helping others has gained her recognition among her nationwide community.

Reba is a national speaker for at-risk teen girls.  She is currently holding National Speaking Engagements upon request.