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Rebecca Nietert loves to tell a great story with the written word! Starting at the age of five, she used her words as an escape from the often cruel and violent world around her.  Living through poverty, abandonment and abuse molded Rebecca's ability to survive through one situation after another. 

She sought out on her own, at the age of fourteen, and began to learn the art of balancing what she wants, with what she has to do to live.  In her early twenties she managed to survive a fire that almost took her life, and the loss of an unborn child.  After attempting to gain financial independence through legitimate options such as college, the Air Force, and Houston's Police Department, Rebecca failed miserably.  

It was then she met a man she wholeheartedly trusted, but who betrayed her in the worst possible way! Not before turning her into a life-sized Barbie doll to be used for his own bidding.  She spent the remaining years in her twenties believing that if she just minded her p's and q's, and towed the line, she would find love, success and live happily ever after. 

After a decade of people pleasing and having that not work in her best interest, Rebecca moved on.  Eventually landed in the arms of her current husband.  She and Scott have grown up together over the years as Rebecca struggled through personal difficulties of self worth, guilt from her mistakes, shame others place on her, and a sense of self degradation from comparing herself against other women. 

Until one day someone gave her a gift, and turned her life upside right.  The gift was a two-year intensive accountability therapy over the course of two weekend.  The lock in changed Rebecca’s heart and perspective forever.  She learned the art of forgiveness and the gift of resolution.  

Today Rebecca speaks for women's empowerment based on her own willingness to give her power to a man at times in her life.  She believes that Women's Empowerment is not just about being equal, because human life is not equal.  It's about empowering women to have a voice, to ensure they're decisions are her own, and to engage in her own happiness. As an American woman, she's entitled to the pursuit of her own measurably equal freedoms.  

To learn more about this or to obtain a media kit for speaking purposes please visit her contact page on this site.  Thank you.

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