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Women's Fiction & Romance Novels 

My first novel, Heart of Gold, was published in 2015.  It's a fast page turning shocking raw tell-all of how one young girl who grew up sheltered landed in a big city filled with high rollers and master manipulators.  Our main character, Beverly, tries desperately to navigate in evil infested waters through Houston's oil industry. The choices she makes are based off false fairytale beliefs that continue to keep her disappointed and yet somehow manage to keep her from the clutches of some of the most powerfully seductive people. It takes powerful courage to do some of the things she did in order to survive.  Somewhere in the midst of the chaos that became her life, an epic love story emerges. 

The next novel published in 2016 is, Chasing Fairytales, which continues the series. She is now married. With her unreal expectations of male influences, she finds herself at odds with her husband.  Motherhood adds to her growing anxiety of her past becoming her present.  She is willing to do anything to keep the skeletons of her decisions hidden, until her best friend gave her husband a gift that would change their lives forever.  She stifles emotions, conjures up a false past to out run the demons of her failures to no avail.  Eventually the fairytales must end and the real world must lend it's truth that to receive love you have to be willing to give it in return. Love finds a way to bring the newest character Luke, into Beverly's life.  He saves her from her guilt and her own self destruction ending the union in one legendary proclamation. 

The next novel, Provocative Confessions, is a novel about navigating in suburban America.  The city girl Beverly must form a union with women in the neighborhood, but as she attempts to solidify friendships, treachery unfolds.  The women are selfish, and manipulating and each has her own agenda, however, it is one man who will bring the entire group of women to their knees.  Luke and Beverly take a turn for the worst as Joseph, and old flame, threatens to come back into Beverly's life.  Beverly and Luke learn of tragic news that could either tear them apart or bring them to a climactic ending.