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My Mission


My goal is to encourage women to learn what being happy is, to be present in the moments and at peace with their life choices. #LetGo!

Listen, I get it. Life is hard! Some of you might have the lives you dreamt of. While others struggle with feeling alone, abandoned by people who are supposed to love them, confused and ultimately in pain. I have spent my entire adult life reaching out to those women in hopes that through my own journey I can help them achieve happiness.

I am a very real. I am also very passionately transparent about my life choices and what the consequences of my choices are. My firm believe is that we all sin, just differently. It is NOT up to me to put a robe on and condemn you for your choices, when I live in a glass house.

I believe in inalienable rights each one of us should offer to each other. Inclusion, support, encouragement, laughter, honesty and the truth. With these tenants I inspire to do everything I can to use the extensive life lessons combined with an academic and Christian approach, to lift everyone woman I know up to be what she sees for her own life. That's just me.

If you're struggling, please know your whole-life doesn't have to be that way. An enriched and cherished life has already been designated for you. It just takes you reaching out to someone who truly comprehends the words "unconditional love." You need to put your pride aside and decide to share with someone you trust, that you need help.

Contact me. If you would like to do a little research on my approach to solving life conflicts, you can check out the organization that helped me. It's called the Road Adventure. The people there loved me to healthy and they can do the same for you.

My novels are embellished and fictionalized versions of very similar circumstances I endured while learning what my path in life was. I made a great many mistakes. It's funny though because after all the pain is gone, and you have resolution, when you look back on those movie-like images in your mind; you begin to realize some of it was kind of funny. So while my stories are very raw/real they are witty and charming as well. I hope that you will turn to the product page of this site and pick up a copy of the book for yourself. As always I know your time is valuable and precious. I am honored you took a few minutes to spend that moment with me. Thank you from the bottom of my humbled heart.

Take care, Reba