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Biography Rebecca Nietert

2015 Ms. Nietert wrote her first novel, HEART OF GOLD. The book is an epic tale of one woman’s struggle through broken maternal relationships and betrayal of a series of men beginning with her father.  BEVERLY WHITE, the main character is sucked into a world of High Rollers and Master Manipulators as she desperately clings to the hope that her current boyfriend will give her the love, she desperately desires. Unfortunately, the cad isn’t as honorable as his promises, and eventually another man offers her the love she’s always wanted. The triangle snarls when both men put their own needs above hers.  In the end Beverly must learn to find epic love she must first learn to love herself. In her second book, CHASING FAIRYTALES, the same character falls in love and marries.  However, Beverly did not tell her new husband Luke, the mistakes of her past, and the more she attempts to keep her secrets, the more they bubble up.  Luke also has skeletons of his own and together they must work through appropriate expectations to save their marriage. It’s an epic tale of forgiveness and resolution.  PROVOCATIVE CONFESSIONS, is the third in the series, promising delight in the relationships of women in the suburbs of Denver as she navigates through the confessions of women she's known. 

Ms. Nietert writes books that are thrilling, first person relationship dialog. They're designed to make you feel like you're sitting across the table, having an intimate conversation. They're fast-page turning emotional driven tell-all style.  The novels touch on human emotions of loss, grief, love, friendships and the art of developing meaningful relationships.  

Currently, Ms. Nietert lives and thrives in the literary community of Dallas Texas.  She is currently the founder and leader of two local Meetup groups, Lone Star Writers Club and Networking with the Author. She mentors over 1200+ local authors to complete their work, publish and market.  Through Easton-Books, her publishing company she offers Legacy Books, Ghost Writing Services, Book Coaching, and Publication to authors.  Ms. Nietert became a board of director for Authors Marketing Guild, an international marketing company in 2018, and merged the efforts of the connections into Networking with the Author a paid membership group for all literary professionals to establish grass roots organic marketing.  Her goal is to be the #1 BEST Author Support in Texas, allowing published authors to compete in top 5 news markets. 

Ms. Nietert lives with her husband Scott, of 26 years. She has 5 children, 5 fur-babies, and an extensive family in and around DFW.  She also has ties to Chicago, New Orleans and Denver.