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Biography Rebecca Nietert

After a turbulent introduction into the writing industry, Rebecca Nietert's first novel Heart of Gold sold over 5,000 copies in the first weeks of availability. Since then it's grass roots marketing has propelled sales.  Ms. Nietert’s novels were picked up by Easton Books, an independent hybrid publishing company in 2015.  Her second novel in this series, Chasing Fairytales, is also on sale through her website:

Ms. Nietert began writing at a very early age, becoming published in some global media outlets.  Early success solidified a powerful urge to tell incredibly stories through very raw and real struggles in life.  Ms. Nietert has often been asked if her novels represent her own life, and to an extent, Ms. Nietert uses the traumatic life events she’s endured to add real grit to the context of her novels.  

Ms. Nietert awakened somewhere in the discontent of her thirties only to realize that she and only she holds the power to her own happiness.  She then sought out like-minded individuals and through a series of intense study, learned how to replicate those successes into an applicable approach.  Her and her husband built Nietert Enterprises LLC where Ms. Nietert speaks about empowering one’s voice.  

This platform allowed her to launch her books and become a best seller.  Today, Ms. Nietert’s platform has evolved into what she loves—writing! She became a licensed speaker with the NSA and travels to inspire writer’s to tell their story. She merged with her independent publishing house to facilitate a broader outreach for authors who need a deeper understanding of the business. An author only need seek assistance through

In the midst of a promising successful writing career, Ms. Nietert’s sister in law and best friend died.  She and her husband adopted her three children and began to introduce them into an existing family with two grown children of their own. Pressing pause on a career was a necessity as she struggled to put the joy back in the three-tween faces. Ms. Nietert blogs about the difficulty of raising three children in the face of so many traumas at

Today Ms. Nietert and her family live happily in Murphy, Texas and Lacombe, Louisiana.  Thank you. As always we hope you enjoy the story!