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About Rebecca Nietert

Rebecca Nietert is an NSA Speaker, Publisher, Write Coach, 5-Star-Author on Goodreads for HEART OF GOLD, CHASING FAIRYTALES, and PROVOCATIVE CONFESSIONS. She also co-wrote ONE WAY OUT, a Memoir of Captivity and Freedom with Author Cynthia Kirtley, and is writing her own memoir SHE DANCES

She tours globally for book signings and workshop events, signing at some of the largest Book Expo’s in the country. Her  speaking platform, “Empowering Your Voice and “Everyone Has A Story” is a platform of motivation, inspiration and perspective platform where she speaks at corporate and social events.  She created the Meetup group, The Lone Star Writer's Club in DFW, and Bayou Writer's Club in Mandeville, LA, to share her extensive industry knowledge with new authors. 

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Born in Great Falls, Montana to a military family, Rebecca spent her life moving throughout the country; finally landing in the South Chicago area.  This is where her family roots continue to reside.  She went to High School in Huntley, Illinois and she often talks about how that small town attitude framed her values. Shortly after high school, she moved to Houston, Texas. With only $250 to her name, she failed miserably until a pact with someone turned her life upside down.  It wasn't until she turned 30, when she met and married her husband in Dallas, Texas, when the journey of her character transformation began.  

Rebecca writes books that are thrilling, first person relationship dialog. They're designed to make you feel like you're sitting across the table, having an intimate conversation. They're fast-page turning emotional driven tell all style reads.  The novels touch on very human emotions of loss, grief, love, friendships and the struggles of what was every day life for Rebecca.  

In mid 2016, Rebecca’s life took a dramatic turn when she chose to adopt three tween kids due to the fact their parents died of cancer. It was her families wish that she raises them.  She moved from her beloved home in Lacombe, Louisiana to Murphy, Texas.  Her son, Jacob moved here in January the past year to support Rebecca in an effort to bring some normalcy to the children’s lives.  Her daughter, Elizabeth moved at the same time after graduating UNO in January 2018.  At times she’s booked months in advance.  You can learn more about her personal journey on her personal blog at Wordpress