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About Rebecca Nietert

Rebecca Nietert's first novel Heart of Gold sold over 5,000 copies in the first weeks of availability. Since then it's grass roots marketing has propelled sales.  The second Novel released in 2016 has not been introduced to the public because of Rebecca's personal life situation of raising three tweens who lost their parents due to cancer.  This book and the final written for this series, Provocative Confessions, are being introduced in summer 2018.

Rebecca Nietert speaks about the difficulty growing up in a household with a single parent, and how the abandonment of her father set her up for people pleasing.  Through her history and the challenges she faced, she's able to create a powerful dialog of what happens when women give their power out of fear.  Her goal is to inspire women worldwide to be equal, to build a community of leaders, and to inspire sisterhood.  Empowering women has become her life mission, as he stories are more than relevant in expressing through fiction some of the same trials she faced along her own journey.

Her books are told through first person relationship dialog and unfold in an intimate setting where readers feel like they're part of the conversation. This ability to connect with people quickly speaks volumes in these epic journeys.  

Rebecca Nietert has five children, she and her family reside in Murphy Texas.  She blogs at and has a traditional publishing contract with Easton-Books in Colorado. To learn more about her please check out the FB, Twitter and Google+ Accounts below.  

To learn more about her novels visit the "Store" of this website.  

Thank you. As always we hope you enjoy the story!