Rebecca Nietert - Motivational Speaker, Author and Publisher

Rebecca Nietert is a Speaker. She’s trademarked, EVERYONE HAS A STORY, because her passion is to assist everyone to tell their story. With that in my she created a Hybrid Publishing company designed for the digital age. With her Business Development background, she is using her outreach to extend to over 1000 local DFW authors through Meetup groups, Lone Star Writing Club and Networking with The Author.  She is a Writing Coach and has mentored decades of authors to receive requests from reputable agents to submit their manuscripts.  She maintains a 5-Star-Goodreads review for her novels HEART OF GOLD and CHASING FAIRYTALES. She is currently working on PROVOCATIVE CONFESSIONS; the third and final in the series. She also co-wrote ONE WAY OUT, a Memoir of Captivity and Freedom with Author Cynthia Kirtley, and is writing her own memoir. She tours the US and abroad to speak about EMPOWERING YOUR VOICE as an inspirational keynote speaker.  She juggles a Networking Group, a Publishing Firm, Mentoring Authors, and a family of five children.  Her passions are inspiration, education, art, outdoors and writing.  

Ms. Nietert's speaking platform is a motivational narration of what happened to her along her life's journey and how those circumstances robbed her of the power of having one's own confident voice.  She speaks to men and women everywhere encouraging them to use their voice for great things, because words matter. 

Rebecca is known for her content-rich presentations on a variety of topics that assist non-fiction as well as fiction authors; but in addition to the writing industry empowers all people to use their voice to tell their own stories.  In January 2019 she opened a Small Press Publishing House to assist new authors in creating credible work to promote.  She also holds classes through the Publishing Company, Easton-Books.

  • What Do You Want to Say? What Is Your Story?
  • How to Develop Your Story Line (ARC).
  • How to Develop Rich Characters Your Audience Will Fall in Love With. 
  • Plotting or Prancing Your Way to a Finished Book.
  • How to Avoid the Pitfalls of the Scammers.
  • How to Find a Credible Agent.
  • How to Develop a Killer Marketing Plan With Advance Tactics.
  • How to Become an "Influence Marketer."
  • How to Develop a Strategic Publishing Packet.
  • Avoid The Pitfalls of Publishing With The Wrong Venue For You. 
  • Social Media Content and Creation.
  • Profit Building Strategies That Are Applicable Both Passive and Action.
  • Grow Your Sphere of Influence (Grass Roots Campaign).
  • Create Your own Online Publicity.

Rebecca BLOGS about the journey of self actualization through her website.  You can also read more ABOUT Rebecca Nietert through her personal website.  

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