Chasing Fairytales ~ A Novel by Rebecca Nietert

Chasing Fairytales ~ A Novel by Rebecca Nietert


Every young girl secretly dreams of Fairytales where her prince comes to save her from the woes the world has stacked against her. What she forgets is that every princess must survive a terrible childhood, an awful curse, and a wicked queen before the prince arrives. Chasing Fairytales tells a real-life tale of a princess who creates the future she wants out of the destruction she has been given. Beverly wants her Prince Charming and her castle on the mountaintop as much as any girl ever has, but is she willing to cross the valley of darkness and deception from her past to confront the treachery in her present to keep him?

Memories of Beverly’s life in a cosmopolitan city make up a prison of shame she has buried so deep not even she remembers it all. She will find herself encased in a forest of thorns – thorns made up of the lies and secrets from her past. The deceptions and skeletons grow up around her, exposing the pain and longing she feels, threatening to close her off from those she loves. The gates of memory open only to reveal despicable things that happened to her throughout the lost time. Beverly realizes she needs her new man, Luke, more than ever. Together they stumble through a treacherous journey, as Beverly battles against the pain of her traumatic life events. Beverly finds faith in God, which leads her to the woman she wants to become inside and out. Luke may be her prince of fairy tale lore. He is certainly strong and handsome. He certainly wants to give Beverly a good life and a good future, but like any prince, he does not know what is lurking, waiting to surprise him. Luke will need to fight for Beverly, and Beverly will need to fight right alongside him, in this rapidly changing and wild story of a bad girl gone good. Will Luke be there as her prize in the end of this trial? Beverly will find out after she has finished Chasing Fairytales.

Publisher Easton Books LLC

ISBN: 978-1-4951-8953-1

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